#SkeemSaam|Lehasa takes risk to correct Khwezi wrong doing by hacking his cellphone


Lehasa has is hired a computer expert to hack his wife’s cellphone so that he can delete the video, where she kidnapped Pretty for days by forcing her to tell lies on that video about her paternity which is something that she is starting to regret.

But the guy now wants to risk everything he has worked hard for and steal Khwezi’s phone so that the guy can hack it without her knowing about this, but things might not end well for this guy as they are still trying to know each other well.




Lehasa is also having unfinished business with Pretty after telling her how he feels about her, and it looks like these two still love each other and they might start again, where they left off in past years where it ended badly for him after he was beaten by Kat and Kwaito on his house.