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At long last, the brief tale rivalry’s champ is uncovered, and certain individuals are shocked. Elizabeth feels undetectable while Jacobeth is love-high. Pretty and Khwezikazi battle like a feline and canine.

As Mosebjadi is standing by listening to Pax’s Berry FM interview, he finds something surprising. An idea made by her admirer stuns a gatvol Turf teacher. For his “significant other,” Lehasa has a lovely gift.

Mosebjadi perceives that being poor is an excruciating reality. With respect to retirement, Jacobeth ends up in a difficult situation. At the point when Khwezikazi at long last withdraws, Pretty is overjoyed.

At the point when Kwaito figures out what Marothi has available for him, he is uncomfortable. Jacobeth is driven by her heart to go with an emotional decision for what’s to come.

At the point when the Maputlas learn about Leeto’s new business, they are thumped for six. The connection among Jacobeth and her is beginning to reach a conclusion. Mapitsi challenges Marothi in regards to his obscure way of behaving.

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