SkeemSaam|Khwezi Catches Lehasa & Pretty On Their Love Vacation And She Is Wants Revenge.

Khwezikazi started on Skeem Saam as Lehasa’s enemy and wanting to expose him for his wrongdoing but little did we know that she will end up on his bed just like all the other women who falls for him.

Her journey with Lehasa started with lies and doing the wrong things to prove something to one another. Their relationship went on and came to a decision to get married but we all knew all along that Lehasa never loved her and only know two women the guy has ever loved is his late wife Zandile and the one and only Pretty Seakamela.






Lehasa’s relationship with Pretty started before he met Khwezi and ended right around the time they met. Khwezi always knew Pretty was a liability when she found out about her pregnancy and decided to have something over her when she kidnapped her and made her admit to something that could prove lies she never did.

After months of Lehasa and Pretty being apart they have met again and things are hotter than ever before. We have always wanted this couple back together but they are back together at Khwezi’s time and she is about to find out about about this love affair between Pretty and her future husband Lehasa.

Lehasa and Pretty will go on a weekend getaway to spend time alone but things will not end well for them when Khwezi finds out about their get away and affair. The bride to be will want to avenge herself when she exposes them on the news.

Things will get interesting when MaNtuli finds out too. Remember that she is one of many Lehasa’s enemies and she hates him as much. It will get to a point where Detective Petersen gets involved. Read teasers below: