SkeemSaam:Is Pretty Going To Find Out That Lehasa Got Married To Khwezi? See What’s Going To Happen

Lehasa has consented to pay Khwezi R120 000 relying on the prerequisite that she goes to Joburg so they can watch out for the child.

This Manqoba character applies exorbitant exertion by exaggerating it.When it comes to introducing Khwezi, his niece, he has killed his character.Because he guaranteed that Khwezi had cut Lehasa, Khwezi’s uncle requested a fine of R8000.The uncle’s solicitation for R8,000 as a harm installment infers Magongwa’s treatment of Rachel Kunutu’s lobola dealings.

Lehasa couldn’t care less about R120 000, and Khwezi would merit it in the event that she weren’t evil.Lehasa is frantic to have a kid, and Khwezi is frantic to get married.After she conceives an offspring, Lehasa won’t understand how to manage Khwezi.Because Lehasa and Kwesi merit one another, Pretty should pick either herself and her vocation.


The conditions encompassing Pretty, Lehasa, and Khwezi show that child mothers will continuously win in an adoration triangle.Pretty is ignorant that Khwezi has adjusted her perspective and will currently be Mrs. Maphosa and get back with her significant other.

Very much like that, Pretty will dishearten her mother.Pretty had one final opportunity to accommodate with her family, however she picked Lehasa over her family and Khwezi over Lehasa.

Examine your opinion on Lehasa’s condition for Khwezi.How do you feel about Beautiful’s circumstance? Could she have the option to traverse it?

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