SkeemSaam:Is Pretty And Khwezi Going To Stay At The Same House?

Pretty has left the structure, and another spouse, Makoti (little girl in-regulation), and a cow have moved in. Khwezi has no understanding of when to quit following through with something. With an end goal to prevail upon Lehasa, a few watchers are trusting Khwezi doesn’t depend on stripping, while others accept he ought to simply push her out of his room.

Now that Pretty and his uncle Phomolo aren’t anywhere near, Khwezi and Lehasa can at last get serious. The following episode of SkeemSaam will include Khwezi’s amusing and at last lamentable endeavor at the enticement game. Lehasa has all the earmarks of being a masculine man who can distinguish Khwezi’s endeavors at enticement.

Lehasa have clarified that their main justification behind gathering was to save the youth, who is faultless and blameless. Lehasa actually has five months to manage Khwezi and her chemicals, so he has a difficult experience in front of him.


Watchers of SkeemSaam have frequently remarked that Lehasa ought to simply acknowledge that he should use whatever remains of his existence with Khwezi. Having of late paid lobola, Lehasa are presently Khwezi’s locked in lady.

How would you figure Lehasa will answer when he finds that Khwezi has been attempting to charm him?

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