SkeemSaam:Is Ntswaki In Love With Paxton?

She was extremely scared of how Meikie could treat her. She really doesn’t have any desire to return home on account of what she has done at Capsys a few days ago.

Paxton acted the hero by permitting her to rest over. Presently his mom came to his room without thumping and she tracked down her inside the room. Presently Paxton should make sense of what’s happening with Ntswaki. Paxton necessities to come clean or Meikie and the family won’t ever excuse pardon him. They will feel that he is concealing Ntswaki intentionally.





One thing about Ntswaki she loves causing individuals problems generally, she should be taken where she comes from. Individuals continue to lose cash in light of her. She won’t ever learn and Meikie continues to pardon her for it.

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