SkeemSaam:Is Mr Kgomo Going To Go Back To Melita?

Where is Melita’s companion who gave her taking in Kgomo after Ivy drove him out of their home, And become Mrs Kgomo for good. A few companions are only there to deceive you. At the point when you are in a difficult situation they are not there.

I recall Charles said he is the main hitched man staying to have an unsanctioned romance with Melita, presently is time he can be the following one in Malita’s rundown.




I don’t snicker at an individual when she or he is out for the count however seeing Melita like this gives me extraordinary joy. Karma did it for the Mrs

A wedded man will simply utilize you then after return home to fix things with his family and luckily his family will acknowledge him, then they carry on with a cheerful life family

She figured Mr Kgomo would leave his family for her, Never. Hitched men never leave their spouses for side chicks. What’s more, when the spouse is familiar with the undertaking it closes

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