SkeemSaam:Is Mr Kganyago Going To Leave Jacobeth For Another Women? See What’s Going To Happen


Mr Kganyago was welcomed for a lunch at the Maputla house then they transformed it into a supper. Mr Kganyago requested that Jacobeth be his in addition to one to the supper and she concurred.




The two of them looked so gorgeous and exceptionally glad to go to this supper. At the point when they went into the Maputla house, John and Meikie were truly amazed about how Mr Kganyago and Jacobeth knew one another. It was a truly lovely supper than anticipated.

Jacobeth and Meikie have a terrible history yet yesterday it was put all behind, since they needed to establish a decent connection for Mr Kganyago. I need to say that Meikie made the best choice by not causing show yesterday. Individuals in Turf will presently realize that Jacobeth is the one who is high enamored. It is great to see her blissful and disregarding work a tad.

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