SkeemSaam:Is Leeto Going To Do What Dragon Wants Him To Do?

The current episode was hectic.Dragon kept people detainee at Bazaruto to look for retaliation on Leeto. Leeto was the too animated when he went to see Winged snake that is the explanation he ended up uncovering himself and Legendary monster was back for revenge.



The police were called to the rescue anyway they were of no use considering the way that Leeto took command over the issues and shot Legendary monster not once yet twice. Meikie is the epitome of a mother’s love,nothing beats that.That woman was ready to take a risk with everything for her youngster.

Well concerning Mr Kgomo he has a lot of getting a handle on to do to his life partner Ivy since he was uncovered on Berry fm for being at Bazaruto.What will his explanation be this open door to his soul mate?

Had he seen to Mr Maputla’s proposal he would have not injury up kept detainee by a furious Dragon.Mr Kgomo should stop subverting Ivy,he has been gotten left,right and concentrate anyway his deceptions has reliably overcome for him.But things will not be guaranteed to assist him out reality with willing finally ended up being possible.

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I truly believe you all should understand that notwithstanding the way that they named drop Mr Kgomo, they referred to his occupation and workplace. Will he perhaps ensure that he was meeting a promoter and will Ivy surrender to his deceptions again and again?