SkeemSaam:Is Khwezi Going To Win Lehasa’s Heart?

Correspondingly as Lehasa participates he would say with Pretty, his world is flipped around when he sorts out that he will court soon for his crime starter.






Lehasa is staggered when he sorts out his starter for killing server and IT virtuoso Fanie in August 2021 is making it work. Besides, adding to his anxiety of prison is the truth he has malevolence with the adjudicator coordinating the case.

While Lehasa is endeavoring to change everything in his life, Pretty comprehends the affirmations she needs as for Lehasa and Khwezi’s relationship are not all that oncoming and ensuring true to form.

While Lehasa is worrying about the looming starter and Khwezi’s pregnancy and truly around then his wiped out relationship, Beautiful feels adequately ignored to do something wild eyed to stick out – and she commits a huge mistake

Pretty is inconsistent. Her lover is having a kid with another woman, and she feels like Lehasa isn’t making her have a fair of consolation and safeguarded in their relationship.

This prompts her covering Lehasa’s phone to keep Khwezi from ceaselessly irritating Lehasa and confine her contact with him.

Regardless, as of now how is Lehasa’s legitimate instructor expected to get hold of him? Furthermore, who else could find the phone that could have embroiling evidence against him on it? Will Lehasa go to jail because of Pretty?

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