SkeemSaam:Finally Pretty Came Back To Her Senses And Leave Lehasa With Khwezi See What Will Happen

Is Pretty considering leaving her man for good because of his shadowy side? Photos uploaded to Instagram:

Tonight’s (October 21) episode of Skeem Saam on SABC 1 features the man Pretty Seakamela (played by Lerato Marabe) is challenging her family for choked Kgosi.

The character of Lehasa, played by Cedric Fourie, grew increasingly irritated by the lack of criticism coming from Kgosi during their pursuit. Lehasa needs Kgosi’s help in court, so he can defend himself against the charges.

Lovely has realized she needs separation from her partner, but Lehasa is keeping her from going because he says he wants her. In classic Pretty fashion, she goes with her first romantic interest and settles down.

After anxiously awaiting her arrival, Kgosi causes Lehasa to lose it. Please tell me, Kgosi, where you’ve been hiding out. So what gives? Kgosi enters the room, and as soon as he does, Lehasa asks.

The renegade engineer warns Kgosi that they aren’t in the safest position to withdraw at the moment.

Kgosi tries to tell his boss the truth and inform him that he can’t confirm for him anymore because there’s no longer any benefit for him. After Lehasa laughs at something, the situation deteriorates rapidly.




“Truth be told, I’ve given this a lot of consideration, and I’m still not sure what to do. I’m afraid I can’t give you a definitive answer on that. It’s all for naught, boss. I really don’t have much to contribute. Lacking a stable residence, “Kgosi and Lehasa get into an argument about something.

The murderer loses his composure and says to Kgosi, “Assuming I go down, you go down with me.”

“By switching the workstations without telling the proper authorities, you have committed a crime. It’s inconceivable that you’d forget.” Lehasa is curious and rather angered by this.

“My willingness to help you is beyond your wildest imagination. It appears that you have lost track of your duties as a supervisor. Just in case you forget,” Even though Kgosi has one arm over Pretty’s neck, Pretty still manages to give him the evil eye. Kgosi is now pleading with a red face for his life.

Pretty was present for the entire exchange, and it shocked her to her core. Lehasa’s first love has seen this side of him before, but he insists that she doesn’t really know who he is.

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