Skeemsaam: Viewers react to what happened to Katlego

The writers are showing us, that racism will never end… There’s always that one person who still hasn’t FORGIVEN.. it’s S.A🇿🇦 reality we just have to accept 😪Life lessons, is even worse even our race does the same, sabotage, people take credit to others work efforts.

Big up skeem saamI think they are doing great job I’m one of biggest fan of Skeem Sam , l think at the end the will be the good lesson the writter of Skeem Sam never dissaponte us.



What i like about skeem saam is that they show us reality of the life we live out here. They always portray what’s going on in life, remember about Transnet issue later this year was that LGBTQI+ so now is this racism.

This what I like about Skeem Sam, the soapie is very educational. Keep the emotions out and understand what is being translated there. This is exactly how blacks treat each other on the ground, just for the glimpse of popularity.

Never really trust a friend except yourself