SkeemSaam: Melita Left Disappointed After Charlie Refused

Melita was invited to the Kunutu house by Salamina however Charlie disagrees with how his better half has helped Melita. He thinks Melita has the right to live in the roads, since she circumvents breaking relationships of others. Melita will gain the most difficult way possible from her experience of dating wedded men.

Melita is currently asking for one night to serenely rest. I believe on the off chance that they permit her, she will take from them. She will take cash and food, Melita isn’t somebody who you can trust since she love costly things.




Melita ought to go to Obed and request that he pay everything particularly lease where she will reside. Obed has the right to pay everything for Melita on the grounds that he continued to follow Melita any place she was going. Melita will now not be enticed to date any wedded men since she really wants to safeguard her standing.

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