SkeemSaam: Melita Is A Gold Digger And Mr Kgomo Succumbed

Secret relationships go on and on forever well particularly when one of the sweethearts is hitched. Somebody generally winds up getting injured.




We have seen Mr Kgomo and Melita’s relationship and thought about how it would end. We have all perceived how Mr Kgomo went off the deep end in adoration with Melita to the place where he even failed to remember he had a delightful family.

He became hopelessly enamored to the point that he burned through the entirety of his cash on Melita, while his family was sitting tight for him to cover their bills. Anyway Mrs Kgomo did the most awful thing ever to Melita to guarantee that she laments truly laying down with her significant other

It finished in tears for Melita after her own home was burned to the ground and she said as left destitute. Nobody will give her a spot to rest since they accept she is a homewrecker

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