SkeemSaam: Ma’Ntuli Left Disappointed After Pretty Don’t Want To Marry Lehasa But See What Will Happ

Pretty Don’t Want To Marry Lehasa But See What Will Happ
By Mathebula (self media writer) | 12 hours ago


The Prehasa transport is sinking. this episode was clashing for me Pretty picking her Tranquility and Lehasa understanding that she is a decent young lady.

Presently he realizes she wouldn’t fret abandoning all the captivating stuff though Khwezi fundamentally constrained herself on him to continue to live. He’ll currently get a hold of himself and manage Khwezi and her cronies.




Pretty it is the ideal opportunity for me to pick myself ” Watchers guarantee Lehasa has an excess of stuff at the present time and Lovely necessities a break sometime they generally track down their direction back together

Pretty would be wise to persevere bc just she knows Lehasa’s stunts. He should perspire assuming he’s serious ngempela.

I’m certain the author of #SkeemSaam is nyised by mjolo now they would rather not see us our Prehasa happy.

Lehasa should simply bite the bullet and figure out how to cherish the mother of his child and decide to cherish her regardless of the amount he despises her in light of the fact that Pretty is a delinquent.

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