SkeemSaam: Lehasa Went To Limpopo To Apologize To Pretty But See What Ma’Ntuli Going To Do

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She informed Lehasa that he went to Khwezi to partake in the week’s end with her, yet he didn’t attempt to reach her.

Lehasa apologized to Pretty and illuminated her that Khwezi’s uncle had called to illuminate him that Khwezi was not feeling great. In the wake of telling him that she wouldn’t fret, Pretty kept on get-together her packs. She was come by Lehasa, who illuminated her that it could at no point ever occur in the future since he cherished her and would attempt to invest a great deal of his energy with her. He even recommended organizing a supper date, and she concurred. Beautiful let him in on that she won’t ever leave him from now on and won’t ever return if he commits an error once more.

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