SkeemSaam: Lehasa Is A Free Man Now But See What Will Happen To Him

The past night paralyzed Watchers of Skeem Saam when Lehasa was viewed as not obligated for killing Fanie.

Lehasa was grieved and almost dropped from the strain. mavimbela settled on everyone hold on for the choice for an hour and that just sent Lehasa into overdrive since he was sure he planned to prison.




Lehasa stirred from on Monday early daytime holding two arrangements in his hands,one for Khwezi and one for Pretty. He said those arrangements indicated things that he expected to leave for them would it be prudent for him he go down.

We were just thinking about what he could left for Pretty since she is just his soul mate.

We induce he might have given specific associations to Khwezi because,she has shown to be shrewd on that front. So maybe a piece of Level Bistro and some trust store for his unborn child,but what did he leave for his Pretty?

We anticipate that a money should finish her endorsement as a lawful instructor and reasonable the condo and a piece of his vehicles. Pretty has never kept a business so it’s possible he didn’t leave her those. Furthermore we acknowledge that he wanted to allow Malume to keep up with the associations with Khwezi since he has no confidence in her.

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