SkeemSaam: Evelyn Left Disappointed After Alfred Told Her That He Went Well On Interview

Alfred strolled in to the staff room and found Evelyn rehearsing her discourse for her impending meeting at the District and he was envious yet he didn’t believe she should see it. He told her that she can rehearse all she like yet taking a gander at how his meeting went, they may never again have to talk with others since he dazzled them. Evelyn told him not to lose track of the main issue at hand.





“Let’s not rule out everything quite yet. What’s more, I haven’t sung, have I?” Said Evelyn. She then left.

Tune went into the staff room. Tune persuaded Alfred. She told him not to push a ton in light of the fact that the chief position hasn’t been filled at this point. Alfred cleared up for Carol how he demolished everything during his meeting when he began to discuss Thobakgale. All he needs to do currently is hold back to figure out how things will go.

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