Skeem Sam Teaser: Here is what will happen to Pretty Seakamela in July 2022

On June 27, 2022, the SABC 1 tv soap opera took a shocking turn, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats as the love triangle between Pretty, Lehasa, and Khwezikazi took an unexpected turn. Pretty Seakamela was arrested the week of the 27th on false charges of stabbing her lover, Lehasa, and holding his fiancĂ©e, Khwezi, hostage. Khezi, however, committed all of these unlawful deeds; she merely tied herself up when she heard the police knock so that Pretty would appear to be the mastermind. The episode concludes with Pretty Seakamela’s mother in a state of astonishment and denial after the police had notified the family.



Season 11 of Skeem Sam will premiere on July 1, 2022, and Pretty Seakamela will be homeless after another attack from Khwezi. Mantuli’s heart problems will return as soon as she gets the news about Lehasa, and Khwezi’s plan will fail in an unanticipated way. If and when new details emerge, Khwezi will go to work on plan B right away. Mantuli would throw Pretty’s belongings out the door while Lehasa will wake up and want to see his lover. Like always, Mantuli will have a hard time forgiving her daughter, while Khwezi plans to put an end to Pretty’s life. Pretty and Lehasa will be stunned to find that Khwezi is pregnant. Surprisingly, Detective Peterson will be making an arrest of Khwezi. When Pretty finally makes a decision that will shock her family and friends, Lehasa will devise a homicidal plan to get rid of Khwezi for good.

Many people are interested in this story since the love triangle dynamic is so familiar. Incredible developments, such as Magongwa’s recovery of his sight and Meikie Maputla’s return, will be coming to audiences in June.