Skeem sam bashed for favouring the rich only

As skeem sam viewers everyone saw the young girl called mosebjadi while she trying so hard since they announced this thing of short story, Although she had a crush on Meneer zamo, she had let that thing to go so that she can focus on the short story and win the prize.




When she was busy with the short story, someone wanted to be close to her suddenly and it was Paxton kgomo who even asked for them to exchange the stories and she didn’t know what Paxton was up to, and she took her story copy it word to word, he didn’t even think of paraphrasing it, and he lied saying that he has already two short stories but his intentions were to steal from the poor girl who at least wanted to change her life with the cash prize which was won.

Now mosebjadi doesn’t not have proof of what happened during the day he stole her short story , and he is accusing Paxton of theft, without proof. they all can’t help her even the principal since her story is also not there it seems like someone took it when she submitted.

now skeem sam viewers are angry at the writer because they are saying that the writers only favours the rich since she will never gets justice and other poor kids won’t be inspired at all, they will think that working hard doesn’t pay since also lehasa didn’t go to jail they think that Skeem sam is really failing the poor,

They are even willing to fight for her since the twitter doesn’t want to fight for her and she is struggling because of the bully called Paxton who is always getting away with everything because at his home they are rich. All they want is mosebjadi to get justice.

Here are some of the comments.