Skeem Saam:Lehasa Wants Khwezi Out Of Jail See What Going To Happen To Her

It’s no time like the present I say “Peterson, secure the bulldog and never think back”. Khwezi is officially caught. The day has come Kwezi being charged.

“Khwezikazi Gasela you will currently be brought to prison for the tried homicide of Lehasa Maphosa”- Peterson.

We can’t muster enough willpower to care in case Lehasa shields her anyway beautiful won’t go down for this. I’m so hopeless for Pretty, she didn’t justify everything that has happened. More awful, MaNtuli is major areas of strength for seldom loving. Wonderful prerequisites capable help, she’s needed to manage a ton. By and by Lehasa is the super person who can help her.



fans were expecting to hear Lehasa’s decrees. Furthermore, thereafter Lehasa is suddenly encountering a mental degradation. The SkeemSaam writers misconstrued that one, it is so obvious. Exquisite should be with her Prince Charming and Malome Sifiso is hindering her. On the other hand d she wants to get back and oversee MaNtuli who needn’t bother with her.

SkeemSaam by and large sort out some way to keep us locked in. If it’s not circle of show of Lehasa, Pretty and Khwezi is Leshole. Leshole battling with Tlotliso on the socials. Leshole doesn’t really need to fight with Tlotliso. He ought to just stop being a miserly Pedi man and start routinely pondering his young woman’s feelings.

Looking at the photographs Kgothatso isn’t the very woman that made Clement to float on the socials. This Tlotliso may be gay yet he’s a player. As Clement is believing that karma will deal with the ex that seriously made youextremely upset, you comprehend he is forging ahead with his very own business and no karma is upsetting them.


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