Skeem Saam:Is Khwezi Going To Be arrested After What She Did To Pretty And Lehasa?


Most watchers were left in tears the previous evening after the occurrence that has occurred in Lehasa’s loft, which finished with him being wounded by his life partner who was on a mission to kill him that day and this has caused a serious devastation for Pretty who was outlined for that.






However, things turned sour in a brief timeframe after Khwezi has found Lehasa and Pretty in the house half-stripped, she burned through no time except for made a move about this present circumstance that has occurred in the house, and Pretty turned out to be the survivor of this entire show.

Watchers likewise believe that Lehasa isn’t having a decent decision with regards to the ladies that he fell head over heels for, in light of the fact that they are having a savage foundation where others have referenced Lelo, who was additionally hazardous to the general public, subsequent to grabbing Kwaito and almost consumed him in the house in the previous years were Mantuli faced all the challenge to safe her kid.

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