Skeem Saam|”I enjoy every part of this relationship” fans love seeing Jacobeth his happy

Jacobeth is always smiling

Jacobeth has a new fashion and bright colors and a new man. So many things in her life has changed. She is always smiling and ready to take on everything. Jacobeth was not this happy when she was still a principal.

She makes some of the viewers happy with her new storyline even though it will end in a very bad way. It seems like everything that is happening on this show is unfair. Bad people are always winning and it seems like Jacobeth will next one to lose everything that she owns. What will happen if Kganyago wants to marry her in a community of property, she will agree because she is in love.

Jacobeth is a good woman, that is why many fans are crossing their fingers that this relationship is real and genuine. If things do not work out, Jacobeth will blame her daughter Lizzy.