Skeem Saam:Finally Paxton Is Going To Pay What He Did To Magongwa

Mr Kgomo mentioned that fundamental Thobakgale make a trade letter for Paxton so they can change schools for him. Boss created the letter and sent it to Mr Kgomo. Mr Kgomo didn’t comprehend it, he just sent it to his kin so he could help him with looking for a school for Paxton. He called him and let him in on that there is no school that requirements to recognize Paxton because of what was formed on the trade letter.





Mr Kgomo went to Thobakgale’s home to enquire about the things she created on the trade letter. She let him in on that she just created real factors. He might have managed without the reactions that he got and gone out. Exactly when he let Paxton know what happened, he pronounced to be the individual being referred to and his people let him that in on happening is his deficiency. Paxton endeavored to pressure them truly yet it didn’t work.

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