Skeem Saam viewers have had enough of PreHasa, calling for Pretty to go back home

PreHasa’s Skeem Saam fans have had enough and want Pretty to go home. Pretty made the erroneous decision to inquire about the Banda surname’s truth at Peterson, which set off the most shocking sequence of events.

After losing his composure to the point where he yelled at Pretty and referred to their relationship as a joke, Lehasa stormed out of the apartment, leaving Pretty with a great deal of uncertainty regarding her future with him for several hours.

Second, when he returned, he did not attempt to improve the situation; He had just sent her to a hotel to talk about paying Lobola for another woman who was having a baby with him.

The episode that aired last night came to an end with Pretty crying in a hotel room. She was not even driven there by Lehasa; He paid for a taxi.

The audience has had enough and wants the show to end.



Many people believed that Pretty should have taken the taxi back to Turfloop because she had outstayed her welcome, and was beginning to interfere with Lehasa’s family life.

In the end, Lehasa will get Khwezi back into the apartment by paying Lobola for her.

Pretty is constantly being manipulated by Lehasa to give in to a potentially dangerous situation, in which she could live with a woman who nearly killed her just a few months ago. As a result, the relationship has become abusive back and forth.

Lehasa is also facing a real murder trial, which could land him in jail. If he is convicted, Kwhezi would be allowed to take over his businesses and run some of them.

She will, without a doubt, begin by getting rid of Pretty.

Pretty interns have not received any assurances regarding Lehasa’s future. He hasn’t discussed paying Lobola for her or set up a meeting with Pretty’s family; in what we refer to as a “Vat n Sit”, he has just been living with her.

Because she broke all ties with her family to be with this man, Pretty has nowhere to go if things end with Lehasa.

PreHasa is far from over, and Pretty will continue to go through the entire circus with Khwezi and the trial that Lehasa is about to go through. As a result, viewers will have to deal with the wound for some time.