Skeem Saam – Time is running out for Lehasa and his getting desperate

Murder-accused Lehasa (Cedric Fourie) is at his wits end as the pressure mounts during his court trial.

His concerns for his freedom increase as he awaits the verdict, having been in the dock for murdering Fanie (Gift Mokhampanyane), who he actually did kill, in August 2021.

And if that’s not enough, there’s something else adding to Lehasa’s woe list: His wife and the mother of his unborn child Khwezi (Samukele Mkhize) ups and disappears to Limpopo to meet up with one of Lehasa’s rivals – but it may be to help Lehasa.

Lehasa is total mess. Our audience gets to see a side to him that he doesn’t usually show. An unravelling with a sense of vulnerability, and for the first time he is helpless as he can’t pay or murder his way out of this challenge.


He is scared and worried with so many questions, especially with the verdict date coming closer, fast and soon.

His freedom is on the line, and he doesn’t know which way the pendulum will go.

But the one thing he does know is that whether the verdict is in his favour or not, he murdered his employee Fanie, who was blackmailing Lehasa when he uncovered some of the business-man’s secrets.

Fanie told Lehasa to sell him Café Rovuwa, but Lehasa was enraged and ended Fanie’s life. That act will haunt Lehasa forever.

Khwezi meanwhile is trying to find ways to ensure that the verdict turns out in Lehasa’s favour.