Skeem Saam Sthoko’s Twin Sisters Welcoming her New Born Baby

Many people know that Milly Mashile kind of has been pregnant, so she kind of has now given birth to a cute baby girl.

Few people are still confused about the pregnancy and the new baby born. Milly Mashile has an identical twin sister who her real name is Innocent Sadiki is a South African actress known for playing the role of Sthoko from Skeem Saam.


Also Millicent is a South African actress best known for her roles on the Mzansi Magic’s Lokshin Bioskops, one of them is ‘The Secret’ which she’s acting with her identical twin sister.

Actually the person who just welcome a new child is Milicent Mashile who is now a mother of three. She took it to social media and share cute pictures of her while holding her new baby born.


She also post few during the time while she was pregnant and she expresses the happiness which she is enjoying now.