“Skeem Saam Should Be Removed” || Viewers Threaten To Report The Soapie At BCCSA Because Of This

Skeem Saam is an award winning television soap opera that has been on air for a long time. It is one of the soap operas that are said to be informative in the country. Viewers cannot expect this cast to dissapoint because it is known for doing great things. It has talented actors that are able to portray their characters in an amazing way. After each storyline the cast gets praises for shedding light to the world.

Viewers have fallen inlove with this cast because it tend to portray the important issues that are being faced in this country. The cast shared a strong message about bullying in both schools and workplaces. The cast was praised for educating people about such a matter that left many people depressed. Bullying has also made people to commit suicide because some are not strong enough to deal with the pressure from others. Both the young and old have ended their lives.




Also the issue of racism that is being faced by many people in the country was addressed. At this point there are still people who are treated badly because of their race. Recently people have been dissapointed because of the storyline of Khwezi acted by Samukele Mkhize. Viewers revealed long time ago that they no longer want her but the cast keeps on dragging the storyline. This time around viewers are threating to report the cast to the BCCSA for misleading law practitioners.

According to the law, a person can be regarded as a counsel after they have finished serving the articles. On Skeem Saam, Leeto acted by Eric Macheru is portraying the character of a counsel while he is working for another firm and it is said to be wrong. People have said that the cast is misleading the public and they should be punished for this. Viewers are threatening to report the soapie at the BCCSA. Others they say that the cast should be removed for this. What is your take on this matter?, Share your views ok the comment section and follow for more news.