Skeem Saam: Shoki Gears Up For Mr Kgomo’s Upcoming Disciplinary Hearing

Doctor Hlongwane told Mr Kgomo that he will talk to Shoki about his disciplinary hearing then he will get back to him. He went to talk to Shoki about it. Shoki set the date of the hearing to Monday.


Doctor Hlongwane told Shoki that he does not want to testify. Shoki told Doctor Hlongwane that she has people in mind but they will not make her case strong. She told him that she will continue to look for other people who will testify.

Shoki was walking on the corridors when she bumped into Lizzy. Lizzy apologized to her for not being able to testify against Melita and Shoki told her that she forgives her. She asked her to testify against Mr Kgomo and she agreed without hesitation. Lizzy told Shoki that she does not want Mr Kgomo to come back to the hospital. Shoki was happy because her case was getting stronger.