Skeem Saam| “She deserves to be scammed” viewers reacts to Jacobeth’s latest behavior

Jacobeth is very sure that Mr Kganyago loves her and he has all the good intentions about her. Lizzy warned her about her new man many times now but she doesn’t want to hear any of it.

Viewers wanted her to be saved from being scammed but due to the attitude she gives her daughter, now they want Mr Kganyago to scam her all of her hard earned money. They no longer feel sorry for her. Jacobeth refuse to listen to everyone who has a different opinion about her relationship.


Even her new friend Meikie is no longer trusts Mr Kganyago. Jacobeth has a lot of people to blame if things don’t work out for her. I have to agree that Jacobeth needs to learn the hard way, she will be able to trust her daughter again and think things through before making a decision.