Skeem Saam: Rathebe Takes Alfred Up On His Dinner Invite

Alfred has been inviting Rathebe to have dinner with him but she always rejected his offers. In the morning, Rathebe went to Alfred’s house to talk to him about his dinner invite.


When she arrived there, she did not go straight to the point. She spoke in riddles. Alfred did not know what she was talking about so he asked her to elaborate. Rathebe told Alfred that she missed having dinner with Jacobeth so she wants to have dinner with someone because she is lonely.

Alfred was happy. Rathebe told him that it is just dinner and he should know that she does not date married men. Alfred told her that he will no longer be a married man soon. He told her that Celia moved on with her life so he has to move on too. Rathebe was happy to hear him say that because she likes him.