Skeem Saam| Pretty suspects that Khwezi has kidnapped Eunice

Pretty does not like Khwezi

Pretty thought the worst yesterday after Khwezi just disappeared to Limpopo. Pretty thought Khwezi is going to kidnap Eunice because of what she said in court. Khwezi is a very dangerous woman, and she is very activive for a woman who is heavily pregnant.


Khwezi is always thinking about plotting, that is why Pretty thinks that she might kidnap her friend Eunice. Khwezi should sit does and calm down. She must act like a pregnant woman and have craving sometimes. She wants to win Lehasa’s heart so bad, but she keeps on failing.

Khwezi and Pretty do not trust each other. Pretty ended up telling Lehasa that she wants her out of the house. What will Lehasa be without Khwezi because she is the strongest woman he has. Pretty is too soft and she must go back to Kat. Khwezi did not go to Eunice like Pretty suspected.