Skeem Saam| Pretty moves out from Lehasa apartment to a hotel, see more

She is slowly becoming homeless

Khwezi is going to be very happy knowing that Pretty has left Lehasa’s apartment to a hotel. Khwezi has been wanting Pretty out, it looks like Khwezi is slowly winning. Fans are not happy to see their favorite on screen relationship getting ruined like this.


Pretty cannot go home because MaNtuli has disowned her. How long will she live in a hotel and who is going to pay for her. Lehasa is too excited to have a baby and he is slowly, forgetting how Pretty has been supportive to him over the last few months.

Pretty must go back to school and study while she lives with Eunice and her family. Hopefully MaNtuli will find it in her heart to welcome her home again. Pretty deserves better because she is a good woman and all she wanted from Lehasa was love and nothing more.