Skeem Saam|| Pretty found out how Lehasa dealt with Khwezi and she was not happy. See what she did

Pretty chose Lehasa over her mother with a fantasy in her head that she and Lehasa would live happily together. She was staying in Eunice’s apartment in the meantime because she wanted to secure her things with her transfer from one University to another.



She spoke with Lehasa and he told her that he had a way to deal with Khwezi and all he needed from Pretty was for her to be patient. She called Peterson to find out if Lehasa gave him a statement and the answers that she received shocked her.

Peterson told her that Lehasa has not given him a statement yet about what had happened on the day he was stabbed.

He continued to advice Pretty to stay away from him because he is a liar and he di not deserve her. He couldn’t give her the full details of why he was warning her. Pretty knew at that moment that her chances of finding a place to stay were slim.