Skeem Saam: Pretty and Lehasa relationship will end in tears see why

Pretty Seakamela and Lehasa Maphosa relationship will end in tears, because currently Lehasa Maphosa wants to go back to Nothile because she is the reason why Lehasa Maphosa is a free man.

Surely Lehasa Maphosa will leave pretty Seakamela for Nothile because of what she did to him, and remember Nothile and Lehasa relationship was good it is just nothile just left and Lehasa Maphosa never stop loving him.



So things will change and pretty Seakamela will be very disappointed because Lehasa Maphosa will leave her the same way he left Khwezikazi, and this time it will be very painful because pretty chose Lehasa Maphosa over her family thinking that Lehasa Maphosa will never leave her.

The sad part it that lots of people tried to advise pretty to stay away from Lehasa Maphosa but she didn’t listen because she was blinded by love.

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