Skeem Saam| Pretty and Lehasa are off to the vacation, will he propose to her?

Lehasa wants her woman to be happy

Lehasa takes Pretty on a vacation. This actually came as a surprise because Khwezi did not call or send a message to Lehasa talking about her baby. When Khwezi finds out that they are on vacation, she might make a plan to cut it short.


Lehasa promised Pretty a vacation a long time ago before he got married to Khwezi. Now they finally went to get fresh air and a fresh start. Some of the viewers are thinking that Lehasa might propose to Pretty, will Pretty allow to be in a polygamy marriage especially with Khwezi?

This is the relationship that viewers wanted to see all along because Lehasa and Pretty look good together. This vacation will make their love strong and always together. Lehasa must propose to Pretty then divorce Khwezi if he wants to be happy for the rest of his life.