Skeem Saam| Pretty and Khwezi were in a fist fight last night

Khwezi got very scared of Pretty

Pretty and Khwezi were in a fist fight and Pretty did not care if Khwezi might get hurt or not. She wanted to teach Khwezi a lesson once and for all. Pretty took it to an extend of tearing Khwezi’s clothes apart.


If Lehasa did not come in time, Khwezi would have lost her baby right on the spot. Lehasa took Khwezi’s side because she is carrying his baby. She also agreed with Khwezi that she must not leave his house, because she will not be safe alone.

Lehasa is very weak and believes everything that Khwezi tells her. Pretty needs to learn that Lehasa does not care about her, and Khwezi will not leave that apartment even after the baby is born. Their storyline is no longer interesting and people have nothing to learn from it. Pretty should know her worth.