Skeem Saam| Phomolo tells Lehasa that Khwezi will run away with his baby

Is he right though?

Phomolo is Lehasa’s uncle who has been with him through ups and downs. Phomolo is very anxious about Lehasa ignoring Khwezi and spending most of his time with Pretty. Phomolo expected Lehasa to walk in court with Khwezi and not Pretty. Phomolo does not understand that Lehasa loves Khwezi not Pretty.


When Lehasa and Pretty arrived in court, Phomolo asked them where was Khwezi. Phomolo tells Lehass that Khwezi will run away with his baby if he keeps on treating her like this. Phomolo was the last one to like Khwezi, not long ago he approved Lehasa and Pretty’s relationship.

Now he cannot stand Pretty, he wants Khwezi to be treated like royalty instead. Phomolo does not trust Khwezi that is why he wants Lehasa to keep a close eye on her. In my opinion I think Khwezi will not run away with Lehasa’s baby, because Lehasa has money and that is exactly what she wants out of this marriage.