Skeem Saam|| Phomolo caught Khwezi counting the Lobola money

Khwezi noticed that Lehasa hasn’t spoken anything about her because his focus has been on Pretty. She decided to fix that. She called a hit man to take care of Pretty but since it was urgent he demanded a lot of money which pushed to Khwezi using her own Lobola money.



She walked in the door shouting at the person on the phone telling them that she would give them the rest of the money when the job was done. She called them “stupid” then she hung up and sat down to count the money.

She didn’t see Phomolo on the staircase. He heard the whole conversation and did not understand why she had that much money on her.

Phomolo went to her to find out what was going on. She tried to hide the money but it was too late and some of the money fell on the floor. He asked her what she was doing with the money.She did not know what to say and she came up with a lie, she said that it was Lobola money.Phomolo was puzzled that she had the nerve to hold the Lobola money.He asked her if she was that desperate to a point that she is willing pay her own Lobola and she said that she wasn’t. She told him that Lehasa told her to keep the money safe. That moment he knew that she was lying becase he knew that Lehasa wasn’t able to speak properly. Phomolo wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on but he got interrupted by a text that he recieved from Pretty telling him that she was on the way to the hospital. He had to leave.