Skeem Saam| Paxton wins R10 000 with Mosebjadi’s work and viewers are not happy

Paxton Kgomo was all over Mosebjadi when they were busy writing for the short story competition. He ended up stealing Mosebjadi’s work and he had 2 stories to submit. Paxton storyline upsets many viewers because they think Mosebjadi will suffer just like Leshole used to.

They say this storyline is not motivating those who come from the under privileged backgrounds to work harder because all their hard work will go in vain. I have to agree that Mosebjadi worked hard and she needed the money and the laptop. Skeem Saam really dropped the ball here and they have to do things right or they will lose viewers.


Paxton is a bully and this storyline tells people that bullies are always winners which is not true. Mosebjadi will read her story in a news paper and she will notice that the story belongs to her, no one will believe her.