SKEEM SAAM: Ntswaki finally says goodbye to Turf

Ntswaki has been causing nothing but trouble ever since she came to Turfloop. It seems all that will be coming to an end on tonight’s episode, as Ntswaki will be leaving with her father. This comes after she gatecrashed Nakedi Maphuthuma’s birthday celebration and damaged the restaurant’s furniture while she was busy dancing on tables. Mr. Maputla ended up calling her father to come take her home because he was tired of all the trouble Ntswaki caused.


Things have been going bad for Ntswaki since the party. Meikie thought she was pregnant, and now Katlego has opened a case against her because he wants his money for all the damaged property. While Ntswaki has kept us entertained, her behavior has been really disturbing for some viewers. Please don’t forget to like, share, leave a comment, and follow. Please read the comments below from social below:

@_Thembalihle_ wrote, “Ntswaki must just go home. She can’t behave in Turf, and Meikie must just accept that she fails to discipline her. #SkeemSaam”.