Skeem Saam: Ntswaki Does Something Audacious Again

Ntswaki was not happy in the morning and she did not want to go to school. Her father told her that her uniform looks good on her but she refused to agree with him. Her mother told her that she has to choose between going to school and working on the fields.


Ntswaki had no choice but to choose school because she did not want to work at the fields while the sun was hot. She went to school. During the day, Ntswaki came back home and her mother saw her. She asked her why she came back home early and Ntswaki told her that she came to fetch her dictionary.

Her mother left her alone and she changed the clothes that she was wearing. She packed her bags and left home without telling anyone. She decided to hike so that she can go to Polokwane. All cars passed her but one dodgy car stopped and allowed her to enter.