Skeem Saam: Ntswaki Continues To Stay In Hiding While Her Family

Ntswaki is staying in Paxton’s room without Ivy’s knowledge. Paxton was not happy in the morning and Ntswaki asked him what was wrong.

Paxton told Ntswaki that he does not like lying to his mother and he thinks that Ntswaki should move out. Ntswaki told Paxton that he should allow her to stay until Friday so that she can be able to write the Maths Olympics.


She told him that if she writes the test then her family will allow her to stay with Meiki because they will see her that she has potential. Paxton agreed to let her stay until Friday.

Ntswaki told him that she knows that he enjoys her company because they are happy when they are together. Paxton told her that he has a girlfriend and he does not like cheating on her. Ntswaki told him that she also has a boyfriend so he should relax because they are just having fun.