“Skeem Saam Must Fall” || Viewers Are Angry After This Happened To Lehasa On Yesterday’s Episode

Skeem Saam is one of the country’s top television soap opera that really makes people to be more happy with their content. It is an award winning telenovela that is said to be really informative and always encouraging viewers to do good things. Some viewers have said that it has touched their lives in a positive way that always leave them amazed. The cast is widely known for creating storylines that always teach people life important lessons at all times.

Just after some young kids ended their lives due to bullying, Skeem Saam cast saw it fit to make a storyline that will send a strong message to others. Bullying is one of the major problems being faced in the country, and what is more concerning is that some people have been victims of such even at workplaces. At workplaces people are supposed to live their lives comfortably and peacefully. This cast has made sure that they send a strong message about work bullying.




On the other hand it gave so much light on the issue of con artists. Recently the cast has been trending following the storyline of Lehasa and Pretty. The cast managed to win the attention of many viewers because it made them to believe that they can still be loved just like other people. Viewers have been calling for Lehasa to propose to Pretty so that they could get married. After what she has been through with him he finally wanted to make her his wife.

Viewers were really amazed by that and praised the cast for creating the amazing content that they have always wanted. Less they knew that the writers had other plans about the storyline. Pretty rejected the proposal and Lehasa went back to Joburg without him. Viewers were left angry calling for the cast to fall because it always drags the storyline and end up doing the opposite. Viewers are really fed up by this back and forth content from the cast. What is your take on this matter?, Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.