Skeem Saam: Mrs Kgomo will never go to jail see Why

Mrs Kgomo will never go to jail because currently Mr Kgomo woke up in hospital and he will tell Sergeant Babeile all the truth about what happened, remember Ivy Kgomo was not the one who started a fire, it is just a mistake that happened during the time Melita Monama and Ivy Kgomo fighting and Mr Kgomo trying to stop them.


And another thing, Mr Kgomo will realise that he made big mistakes to cheat for his wife and try to make a right thing, so Melita will find herself alone helpless, remember currently Mr Kgomo is the witness, and he will not going to throw his wife under the bus for the things his wife didn’t do, Mr Kgomo will tell sergeant Babeile exactly what happened.

Melita will suffer all the consequences and her plans of sending Mrs Kgomo jail will fail.