SKEEM SAAM: Mr. Kgomo invites Melita in his house while his family

There seems to be more drama coming for the Kgomo family this month. We all thought that Mr. Kgomo was done with Melita, but he can’t stay away from her. In last night’s episode, we saw that Mrs. Kgomo received a call from her family and will be leaving today with Paxton for a funeral. According to the teasers, when Mrs. Kgomo leaves, Melita will be invited for dinner and maybe to spend a night. Mr. Kgomo is definitely playing with fire this time around. Only a few


episodes are left until Mrs. Kgomo finds out that her husband is having an affair, just as she was warned by MaNtuli.

@KeSeRomeo wrote, “Lol Mr. Kgomo better not think of inviting Melita when the family is gone to the funeral #SkeemSaam”

@luh_molese wrote, “When your strict parent allows you what they would normally not allow, ask yourself questions 😂😂 Melita and Kgomo situation might be in the pipelines🤣🤣 #SkeemSaam”