Skeem Saam: Mr Kganyago told Jacobeth to retire but she refused

A fed up Turf educator is shocked at a suggestion made by her Beau

Jacobeth has been complaining about the way Paxton won the competition and the treatment that she is receiving from Magongwa at work. Mr Kganyago got tired from hearing Jacobeth complain about Turf High. He decided to tell her to retire but she couldn’t believe it. She told him that she did not want to lose her benefits.

Mr Kganyago told her that her health is more important than money. “Your mental health isn’t worth any amount of money.” He said.


Jacobeth has been the one to tell people not to retire before time because they would lose their retirement benefits but now it seems like she will go against her own advice, all because of love. But what Mr Kganyago wants Jacobeth to do is unfair because they haven’t known each other for a while.