Skeem Saam| Mr Kganyago tells Lizzy that his wife died 2008 but his daughter said in 2010

He is lying to Lizzy not knowing that she already knows that he is lying

Mr Kganyago will be beaten at his own game. Lizzy is already forward with the new information about him. He will realize late that Lizzy actually instigated before asking him him about his late wife.


Mr Kganyago says his wife died in 2008 but his fake daughter said in 2010. Mr Kganyago tells Jacobeth that he does not like Lizzy when she asks too many questions. Mr Kganyago will definitely get caught, because he is not winning this game like he thought he was.

It will be great to see Jacobeth being saved by her daughter from all this. Jacobeth is completely blind by everything thay Mr Kganyago does. Lizzy needs to ask Ramashala to investigate about Mr Kganyago and save her mother before it is too late. She must find a private investigator.