Skeem Saam: Mosebjadi will regret to trusting Paxton Kgomo See why

Mosebjadi will regret to trusting Paxton Kgomo, because currently He wants to work with her on her project, and Lewatle was willing to help her as a friend.

Paxton Kgomo pretending like he wants to help Mosebjadi and Mosebjadi is really believed him, but she does not know that Paxton Kgomo wants to use her, because he realised that Mosebjadi story is the best, and he is Afraid if Mosebjadi will win the competition.




So Paxton Kgomo wants to use the opportunity to make sure that he will steal Mosebjadi idea and write a story with it, and Mosebjadi is not aware because Paxton Kgomo told her that he already finished writing his story.

The problem will start when Mosebjadi notice that Paxton Kgomo stop his idea and win the competition.

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