Skeem Saam: Mosebjadi was not happy when she found out that Paxton’s

Mosebjadi was over the issue of Paxton stealing her short story until today. She heard that Paxton’s story was published in the newspaper. She quickly went to Charlie’s shop so that she would be able to buy a newspaper.

When she arrived there, she found Mahlatse behind the counter. She gave him money and told him that she wants Turf Times Newspaper. Mahlatse was surprised because Mosebjadi did not greet him so he decided to greet her.


Mosebjadi did not answer him. She felt like Mahlatsi was slow so she told him to hurry. Mahlatse gave her the newspaper and she opened it next to him.

She saw Paxton’s story and she was not happy. She told Mahlatse that Paxton stole her short story and only changed a few lines. Mahlatse and Letetswe tried to comfort her but she did not allow them because she was angry.